ABB Moulded-Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) SACE Formula

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SACE FORMULA DSA overview and distinctive features

Simplicity and quality in a single product

SACE FORMULA DSA range is the outcome of ABB SACE long history providing effective circuit-breakers. It was developed to be simple but amazing with its extreme quality and versatility.

The highlights of SACE FORMULA DSA range of molded case circuit-breakers include:

  • Quick and easy selection and ordering with few, but essential, versions of circuit-breakers
  • Multiple polarities, dedicated to various applications
  • Accompanying accessory line
  • Reduced circuit-breaker depths
  • A new installation system making assembly of the circuit-breakers easier;
  • Suitable for use at 50°C without derating.

The SACE FORMULA DSA family consists of four frames (A0, A1, A2 and A3) which reach up 630A. These frames are available in the fixed version, with front terminals. The protection trip unit has fixed thermal and magnetic threshold values to put the circuit- breaker into service more rapidly. A reduced number of product codes simplifies selection and makes ordering easier. Installation is easy and the circuit-breaker is ready for immediate use.


The formula for you. Get quality easily.

The SACE FORMULA IEC range consists of four frames (A0, A1, A2 and A3) which reach up 630A, while the SACE FORMULA UL range consists of two frames, A1 and A2, which reach up to 100A and 250A respectively.

  • Compact and competitive
    Extremely compact dimensions and coordinated depths mean standardized dimensions and savings in distribution boards design
  • Easy to order and to use
    1,2,3, and 4 poles IEC versions up to 630A, no derating up to 50°C and common range of click-in accessories
  • Ready to use
    Fixed thresholds on trip units, pre-cabled version of accessories and FORMULA Link to save time when installing FORMULA IEC


Power Distribution

SACE FORMULA DSA circuit-breakers are commonly used in commercial and residential application.
In order to help with installation of products in switchboard, ABB developed a dedicated distribution system: FORMULA Link. Busbars are dimensioned to carry up to 800A. A selection of different frames is available according to number of breakers installed on the load side.

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ABB Moulded-Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) SACE Formula

SACE FORMULA DSA overview and distinctive features Simplicity and quality in a single product SACE…
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