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We carry an extensive range of Motion Control products, including Soft Starters, Servo Motor, Machine Drives, and more. These products are designed to the highest standard to cover a wide range of applications – industrial processes, commercial applications, etc. Motion Control products play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency, safety, and performance across various applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Schneider Electric Altivar ATV320 Machine Drives repairable?

Ans: No, you cannot repair the Schneider Electric ATV320 Machine Drives as there are no available repair parts, except for the Heatsink Fan(s).

What are soft starters and why do I need it?

Ans: Soft Starters are reduce voltage devices that ramp a motor between stopped and full speed, and vice versa. They extend the ramp-up or ramp-down time of a motor, though they have a much higher initial inrush current. Soft Starters are essential for protecting your equipment from overheating and extending the life of your motor.

Can I run multiple motors with one Altivar Process Drive?

Ans: Yes, Altivar Process Drives can operate multiple motors, provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The drive’s horsepower rating has to match or exceed the combined horsepower ratings of the connected motors
  2. The total combined current draw of the motors cannot exceed the rated current output of the drive
  3. There must be individual external overload protection on each motor (no exception). The internal protection for motor overload can only monitor the total current, not the current to each motor.

How to limit the amount of torque the motor can develop, with the Lexium 32 Servo Drives?

Ans: You can limit the motor torque by adjusting the parameter CTRL_I_max to the desired maximum torque. To do this, connect to the drive using SoMove, then navigate to Axis Configuration and select Limitations. Within the limitations parameters, locate and modify CTRL_I_max. This adjustment will influence the maximum torque the motor can develop.

Are there any settings that need to be changed when moving an Inverter from locations of different frequencies?

Ans: No, you don’t need to change any settings. The Inverter has a unique feature that maintains the same operating speed regardless of the power supply frequency.