Monitoring System Singapore

Monitoring System

We carry a comprehensive Monitoring System package that includes the transmitter, receiver, and software. The transmitter gathers reliable data on performance, while the receiver transfers and saves the data. The software has integrated and reporting tools, providing operators with real-time alert and insights.

Brands Offered


  • WERMA Smart Monitoring System (Wireless Andon Station)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data collected by the SmartMONITOR secure?

Ans: Yes, SmartMONITOR ensures secure data collection and storage. The receiver securely transfers and saves all transmitted data to a Microsoft SQL database, ensuring confidentiality and integrity throughout the process.

Is the SmartMONITOR compatible with existing infrastructure equipment?

Ans: Yes, the SmartMONITOR is designed to be compatible with existing infrastructure and equipment. It offers integration options that enable seamless connectivity and data exchange with various systems and devices. Moreover, it can be effortlessly integrated into existing equipment, such as signal towers, serving as an additional component for data monitoring and control.

What types of systems can be monitored using monitoring systems?

Ans: Monitoring systems have diverse applications across various systems, including production facilities, manufacturing equipment, HVAC systems, energy consumption, environmental conditions, and more.