Data Logger

Data Logger

We offer an extensive range of data loggers for different applications – temperature, relative humidity, pH, soil moisture, etc, making them ideal for diverse environmental monitoring needs. These data loggers support experts across various monitoring applications, from verifying green building performance to informing agricultural research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Data Logger?

Ans: A data logger is a compact, battery-powered device with an internal microprocessor, data storage, and one or more sensors or sensor ports.

How do I select the right data logger or remote monitoring system for my application?

Ans: Considering these important factors will aid in your data logger or remote monitoring system selection:

  1. Accuracy – How close the actual value of measurement is
  2. Resolution – The degree a data logger can detect and display a change
  3. Access to data – Eg. USB access, Bluetooth-enabled, web-based system, etc
  4. Monitoring environment – Lockable security enclosure for indoor applications, waterproof enclosure for underwater environment
  5. Software capabilities and features needed – Eg. data exporting tools, API keys, etc

What is the expected lifecycle of the MX1102A HOBO Carbon Dioxide/Temp/RH Data Logger?

Ans: The expected lifecycle of the MX1102A HOBO Carbon Dioxide/Temp/RH Data Logger is typically 6 months with logging and sampling intervals of 5 minutes or slower. However, it lasts 6 months or less with faster intervals while logging CO2. Entering burst logging mode will impact battery life. Additionally, using the app can reduce battery life due to remaining connected, excessive readouts, audible alarms, and paging. Moreover, visual/audible alarms and other events can marginally affect battery life.

Which Onset HOBO Data logger is best suited for field conditions?

Ans: The HOBO MX2300 Temp/RH series is best suited for monitoring of field conditions.