enclosures for electrical components


We offer a range of Encloures from trusted brands in Singapore. Enclosures are protective housings that shield internal components from environmental factors, organise electrical components, and secure against unauthorised access. They are essential in maintaining the integrity and functionality of electrical systems across various industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IP rating?

Ans: The IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a form of classification. It indicates the level of protection the enclosure provides for the electrical equipment, against the external environment such as dust and water. For instance, IP65 rating means that the enclosure is dust-tight and protected from water jets.

How should enclosures be maintained?

Ans: To keep enclosures maintained, adequately ventilate (through vent openings or using fans) or cool (install coolers within the enclosure) electrical enclosures, and keep vent openings clean. Maintenance work – inspection, testing and servicing, should be carried out by a qualified personnel who’s familiar with the operation and hazards involved.

How do I choose a suitable enclosure for my application?

Ans: When choosing a suitable enclosure to use, some factors to consider include (but not limited to) the type of equipment being stored in the enclosure, the external environmental conditions – dust, water, weather, the required protection level – IP, NEMA, and the material – stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic, etc.