Best Circuit Breaker for Control Panel Solutions in Singapore

[FLASH SALE] ABB SACE Tmax XT Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)

SACE Tmax XT Simply XTraordinary Tmax XT moulded case circuit breakers guarantee an extremely high-performance level while being progressively smaller ...
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(LKH Precicon) Socomec Digital Multi Meter Promotion

Socomec Single & Multi-Meters Promotion

Key Features of Socomec MULTIS L50 Panel mounted digital meter Display multi-measurement and energy values directly on backlit LCD display ...
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(LKH Precicon) Onset HOBO Temp RH Data Logger Promotion (Promo end)

[Promo Ended] Measure Temperature and Humidity with Onset HOBO Data Loggers

Onset HOBO® MX1101 Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger Ideal for: - Monitoring occupant comfort in office buildings - Tracking food storage ...
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(LKH Precicon) Omron Ethernet Cables Promotion

[Promo Ended] Get Reliable Connection Quality with Omron Industrial Ethernet Cables

With the growing prevalence of IoT, automated factory sites are also replacing serial connection with Ethernet as their main method ...
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(LKH Precicon) Omron Power Supply Promotion

[Promo Ended] Omron Power Supply [Special Pricing + Free eVoucher*]

Omron Power Supply ElectGo, the e-Commerce store for LKH Precicon, which is also the authorized online distributor for Omron products, ...
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Enhance your Omron MY-GS relays

Enhance your Omron MY-GS relays

Enhance your Omron MY-GS relays by securing with a Hold-Down Clip. Make sure that the relay is kept well-organized so ...
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(LKH Precicon) Omron PLC package

[Promo Ended] XW2R Series PLC Connector – Terminal Block & XW2Z Connecting Cable

In today's control panel industries, there is an increasing number of cases in which many devices are mounted inside the ...
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(LKH Precicon) Werma Tower Light Sale

[Promo Ended] Werma Mega Sales

Up to 70%* off - Werma Signal Tower, Tower Lights, Beacons, Buzzers, Traffic Lights and Elements *MOQ of 50pcs apply.  ...
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(LKH Precicon) Omron Compo Wave Sale

[Promo Ended] Omron Compo Wave Sales

Omron Compo Wave special sales 2020! Featuring special discount on selected products of Omron Relay MY Series, Power Supply S8VK ...
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Sensor & Sensing Technology

Locating Faulty Sensor in a Big Production Plant

Locating a faulty sensor can result in a painful and costly downtime for any production…
Urban farming for sustainable future. Automated farming with remote monitoring system
Connectivity Solutions

Urbanized Farming Technologies

What is Hydroponics Farming? Hydroponics Farming or Urban Farming Technologies is increasingly being set up…
EcoStruxure Power gives you a comprehensive IoT-ready solution to protect people and assets, manage energy consumption and carbon emissions, and optimise building operations for comfort, continuity and performance.
Power & Energy Management

Energy Management Software for Facility Managers

Driving building excellence with EcoStruxure™ Power As Singapore is moving towards sustainability and low-carbon efforts,…
The OMRON TM Cobot allows customers to expand their material-handling possibilites and operate freely in a selected food-handling, packaging, and palletizing environment.
Motion & Robotics

Have Peace of Mind with your Food and Beverage Manufacturing

OMRON TM Collaborative Robot — Food-Grade Grease OMRON introduces the TM Collaborative Robot — Food…