WERMA SmartMONITOR also known as the WERMA Wireless Andon Station is the smart MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes.

Werma RST 56 LED Signal Tower

The new “RST” LED signal towers by WERMA stand out with their contemporary and elegant design, exceptional performance, and flexible use. Featuring an integrated design, they not only look sophisticated but also provide uniform lighting and optimal visibility of the signals from every angle.

The aesthetically pleasing “RST” LED signal tower from WERMA features a compact 57 mm diameter, offering dual mounting options including base, tube, foldable, and installation. With a high IP 66/IP 69k protection rating, it’s well-suited for industrial applications.

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Typical applications

With a diameter of just under 60 mm, the RST is ideal for small to medium-sized machines, systems, control cabinets and apparatus engineering

  • on machines and systems
  • on automation systems
  • on assembly systems, e.g. in the automotive industry
  • on conveyor belts in production and logistics

Installation options

  • Base/pipe mounting
  • Flush mounting
  • Other mounting types possible via accessories


  • Homogeneous light pattern
  • Compact design ensures space-saving installation
  • 2-5 tiers plus buzzer as option
  • Adjustable buzzer
  • Additional transparent housing