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Enerwise Solutions provides energy management software and services to help businesses reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and improve sustainability.


Enerwise Solutions was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. The company has a team of energy experts and engineers who work with businesses to help them optimize their energy usage and reduce costs.

One of the key offerings of Enerwise Solutions is its energy management software platform, Enerwise. This platform provides businesses with real-time energy data and analytics, enabling them to monitor and manage their energy usage across multiple sites and facilities. The software can integrate with a variety of energy data sources, including smart meters, building automation systems, and weather data, to provide a comprehensive view of energy usage and costs.

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Enerwise Solutions also offers a range of energy management services, including demand response, energy procurement, and sustainability reporting. Demand response allows businesses to reduce their energy usage during times of peak demand, helping to avoid costly grid upgrades and reducing overall energy costs. Energy procurement involves helping businesses to source energy from the most cost-effective suppliers, while sustainability reporting involves tracking and reporting on a business’s energy usage and emissions.

In addition to its software and services, Enerwise Solutions also provides energy consulting services. This involves working closely with businesses to develop customized energy management strategies and initiatives. Enerwise Solutions’ team of experts can conduct energy audits, identify energy-saving opportunities, and develop implementation plans to help businesses achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Overall, Enerwise Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of energy management solutions that can help businesses of all sizes and industries to reduce their energy costs, improve their energy efficiency, and meet their sustainability objectives.


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LKH Precicon is the authorized distributor for Enerwise Solutions’ suite of energy management solutions in Singapore. Their software and services can help businesses reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and improve sustainability. We offer energy monitoring and reporting, demand response, energy procurement, sustainability reporting, and energy consulting services. Enerwise Solutions can provide real-time energy data, assist with energy procurement, offer demand response programs, help track energy usage and emissions, and offer energy consulting services. We aim to help businesses achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.


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