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Machine Safety

We offer a range of machine safety equipment from safety door switches to safety light curtains. Machine safety devices prevent access to hazardous areas, immediately stop machinery in case of potential danger, and ensure the proper functioning of safety mechanisms. Such preventions contribute to a safer workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Guard Lock Safety-door Switch?

Ans: A Guard Lock Safety-door Switch effectively locks doors to ensure they remain secure. It can utilise either a mechanical or solenoid lock method. For instance, we offer the D4NL Series as an example of this device.

What is the conduit section?

Ans: In Safety Door Switches and Safety Limit Switches, the conduit section includes the duct openings and wiring openings. Simply put, this is where the wiring section gets sealed.

Why is a Safety Relay needed?

Ans: A Safety Relay is essential because it features a forcibly guided contact mechanism, which prevents two contact points from operating simultaneously in the event of welding. Consequently, this mechanism detects contact welding within the Safety Relay itself. Thus, designers can use this function to create reliable safety circuits.

What features make the F3SJ Series easy to install and maintain?

Ans: The F3SJ Series includes quick-mount one-touch brackets, blue LEDs for straightforward beam alignment, and a laser pointer for aligning beams over long distances. These features enable fast installation and easy maintenance, thereby reducing downtime.