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    Omron D4NL

    Omron D4NL Guard Lock Safety-Door Switch

    Best-selling Guard Lock Safety-door Switch Available in several compact, multi-contact
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    Omron D4SL-N

    Omron D4SL-N Guard Lock Safety-door Switch

    World's smallest Class 6-contact Guard Lock Safety-door Switch Guard Lock
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    Omron F3SJ

    Omron F3SJ Safety Light Curtain

    Offering the best selection of safety light curtains for your
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    Omron G7SA

    Omron G7SA Relays with Forcibly Guided Contacts

    Compact, Slim Relays Conforming to EN Standards Additional Push-In Plus
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    Omron OS32C

    Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

    Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg) and easy-to-install Safety Laser
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    Omron D4F

    Omron D4F Small Safety Limit Switch

    Smallest Class of Safety Limit Switches in the World The
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    Omron D4N

    Omron D4N Safety Limit Switch

    Popular Safety Limit Switches Providing a Full Lineup Conforming to
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    Omron G9SA

    Omron G9SA Safety Relay Unit

    The G9SA Series Offers a Complete Line-up of Compact Units.
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    Omron D40A

    Omron D40A Compact Non-Contact Door Switch

    Electronic Detection Mechanism for better stability in non-contact Door Switch
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    Omron D4NS

    Omron D4NS Safety-Door Switch

    The D4NS line-up includes three-contact models with 2NC/1NC and 3NC
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