Industrial IoT Monitoring Solution

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Industrial NB-IoT / Sigfox Remote Monitoring Solution

As Singapore is advancing towards Smart Nation Initiative, the current trend of IoT protocol – Sigfox, NB-IoT, loRa and others allow Building Owners, Developers and Facilities Management ease of implementing Measuring and Monitoring Solution.

Our dashboard provides insights to consumption behavior with report analysis of monitored parameters of buildings and facilities.

Industry 4.0 Applications

Solution Benefits

  • Sigfox / NB-IoT Data Visualisation Network

    • Leveraging on low power wide-area networks (LPWAN), users can have extensive coverage of network and save on operational expenditures
  • Data Visualisation

    • Our interactive real time data visualisation dashboard empowers the user to make customized reports and analysis
  • Remote Event Alarm Trigger

    • Customerized alarm triggers can be configured and transmitted without the user being present physically (eg, remote area) via SMS & email
  • Productivity Increase

    • User need not be physically on-site check manually, this lead to productivity increase and better resource allocation

Unmanned Monitoring

One of the applications that we have for Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring is the monitoring of unmanned and isolated areas that are hard to access and monitor without any network architecture. With our solution, user need not be physically present on-site to check the equipment and data manually.

System Benefits

  • Remotely access data and dashboard anywhere
  • Cost effective

Utilities Monitoring

In the past, many users face challenges as 3G/4G utilities monitoring solution are too expensive. Leveraging on the new IoT network, our utilities monitoring solution can be monitored real time and being cost efficient. Users are able to retrofit their existing facilities or buildings without heavy capital expenditure.

System Benefits

  • Real time monitoring and visualisation dashboard
  • Empower user with insights from utilties consumption data

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