Hotel Sustainability with EcoStruxure Energy Hub

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Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Le Grand Monarque’s Energy Saving Journey with Schneider Electric

A new chapter in energy management unfolded in Le Grand Monarque, a renowned hotel situated in a 600-year-old building in Chartres, France. The hotel faced a major energy crisis post COVID-19, seeing their electricity bills skyrocket from $80 to $650-$750 every month. In desperate need of a solution, Le Grand Monarque turned to B2Ei, a trusted Schneider Electric partner. Leveraging their expertise as an EcoXpert (Global Schneider Electric partner network providing local expertise), B2Ei recommended the EcoStruxure Energy Hub solution.

The implementation was truly transformational, offering not only a simple but also a quick installation process. Moreover, the system achieved precision in measuring and monitoring power consumption through the utilization of PowerLogic PowerTag energy sensors and EcoStruxure Panel Server gateways. The dashboard of the EcoStruxure Energy Hub offered real-time insights. It uncovered that guest rooms and food service areas were the primary contributors to a large portion of energy usage.

Results of System Implementation

The results of the system were immediate and impactful. Within the initial six months, the hotel experienced a notable 15% reduction in energy usage. Moving forward, the hotel planned structural improvements aligned with energy consumption regulations, targeting a 40% reduction in energy consumption by 2030.


This successful collaboration among Le Grand Monarque, B2Ei, and Schneider Electric not only effectively resolved a significant energy crisis but also laid the foundation for achieving a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. This partnership illustrates how innovative solutions can not only overcome challenges but also foster awareness of energy consumption. Moreover, it contributes to shaping a more environmentally friendly landscape within the hospitality industry.

How can Singapore Empower a Sustainable Future with Lessons from Energy Consumption Success Story?

Singapore can propel itself towards a sustainable future by drawing inspiration from the success story of Le Grand Monarque’s energy consumption initiative.

Embracing innovative solutions such as the EcoStruxure Energy Hub will enable Singapore to solve energy concerns not only in the hospitality industry, but across all sectors. Crucially, collaborating with trusted partners such as Schneider Electric, and fostering expertise through programs such as EcoXpert will be pivotal in Singapore’s success in sustainability.

The strategic implementation of intelligent energy management systems, along with real-time insights and a focus on high energy consumption areas as showcased in the case study, becomes a guiding force for Singapore’s sustainability aspirations. This proactive strategy not only tackles immediate challenges but also establishes a comprehensive framework for long-term environmental awareness and cost-effectiveness. It perfectly aligns with Singapore’s commitment to achieving a sustainable future.

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