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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub

Cloud-based building energy management software

Part of EcoStruxure

Simplify the management of your digitalized electrical and energy systems with our cloud-based building energy management software. Automatically collect, store, visualize and report data from your building’s performance.

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Discover EcoStruxure Energy Hub

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a cloud-based energy management software-as-a-service that is easy to implement and requires minimal up-front investment. Whether you need to monitor a single building or a portfolio of buildings, it enables you to instantly access your data from anywhere. Designed for commercial, industrial, and intuitional buildings, it simplifies energy management across the operational lifecycle and helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

Benefits of EcoStruxure Energy Hub


Use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface via web and mobile applications to connect your energy monitoring devices and configure your sites in a matter of hours.


Comply with emerging energy code requirements, and access smart energy dashboards, analysis tools, and insights to help manage energy usage and costs and ensure business continuity.


Save time thanks to a cloud-based architecture that delivers automatic security updates and enhancements. Easily access technical support and expertise from our user community online.


Secure from device to cloud with gateways compliant with IEC62443, software development according to Secure Development Lifecycle, and trusted cloud hosting with a commitment to data privacy.

Commercial office buildings are seeking to reduce energy costs and drive net-zero sustainability while maximising occupant experience and business continuity.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps to:

  • Comply with building energy codes and enabling green building certification
  • Gain energy awareness and identify areas of energy waste.
  • Drive energy cost accountability
  • Manage essential building energy infrastructure to maximise uptime

Looking to inspire and shape the future of our climate, schools, colleges, and universities across the globe are establishing ambitious net-zero sustainability goals.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps to:

  • Comply with building energy codes and enabling green building certification
  • Benchmark energy usage for single or multiple buildings
  • Monitor building or campus electrical systems and send remote alarm notifications to relevant personnel
  • Analyse, compare and pinpoint energy savings opportunities

Light industrial facilities – including warehouses, distribution centres, and assembly/processing plants – can benefit immensely from simple but effective energy visualisation and power monitoring.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps to:

  • Monitor energy and power usage to drive efficiency
  • Respond efficiently to alarms and events
  • Drive energy savings initiatives by reducing energy waste

Mixed-use residential building owners, property managers, and tenants have a role to play in reducing overall building energy usage through holistic energy accountability.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps to:

  • Configure building tenant energy rates
  • Allocate energy usage and costs to each tenant
  • Generate tenant energy bills in PDF format for easy sharing

Whether it’s a single warehouse or multiple retail locations, retailers are increasingly establishing new sustainability goals to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub helps to:

  • Monitor and benchmark stores to drive corporate energy savings
  • Keep the lights on for consumers with mobile electrical alarm notifications
  • Simply and efficiently bill retail tenants

Introducing EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub