WeASSIST – Process Optimisation In One Minute

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WeASSIST from Werma is the cross-industry cloud solution for comprehensive monitoring and consistent optimisation of your production processes

WeASSIST – Process Optimisation In One Minute?

WeASSIST from Werma is the cross-industry cloud solution for comprehensive monitoring and consistent optimisation of your production processes.

This allows you to keep an eye on your business at all times – digitally and in real time, It helps to identify problems before they arise. And to be able to improve even more. This is good for your business, good for your employees and good for your customers.

WeASSIST from Werma turns networking into an advantage and makes Industry 4.0 a reality. It has three primary features: digital, cloud-based, and scalable.

What can WeAssist do for you?

Easy Checking

Full transparency over all workstations, machines and systems

Real-Time Statistics

Current overview of order status, material bottlenecks and disruptions, enabling rapid problem solving.

Simple and Easy

Documentation and reports for permanent optimization of your processes, all at the push of a button

WeASSIST is the innovative plug & play solution for comprehensive and continuous monitoring of your production and logistics processes – cloud-based, easy to install, quick to retrofit and highly scalable. This makes WERMA WeASSIST the ideal solution for all enterprises that want to ensure full transparency in their entire value chain.

All relevant data is clearly displayed regardless of the source (manufacturer, type and age of machines or manual workstations). Unlike complex MDC/MES systems or IoT solutions, WeASSIST makes all potential optimisations easily visible and evaluable in real-time and from anywhere.

What does Process Optimisation in one minute mean?

  • Install, configure and get started in just one minute
  • Ready in one minute with individual dashboards
  • Ready in one minute as an out-of-the-box solution
  • Integrate into existing structures in one minute
  • Get an overview in one minute using this cloud solution


Process Optimisation in one minute steps:

1. Integrate hardware into workstations and machines

2. Enable software access

3. Set up hardware, software and dashboards; assign roles and users

4. Receive immediate production status reports and evaluations


Flexible, Individual and Expandable – or put simply: The Perfect Fit.

WeASSIST gives you all the options you need to optimise your processes precisely and individually. Want to start with a small, medium or large system? Do you want to rescale quickly and flexibly? No problem!

  • Use WeASSIST to take the first step toward continuous optimisation of your process!
  • Choose your WeASSIST solution from our scalable modular system, perfectlyadapted to your specific manufacturing or shipping infrastructure.

Your Applications
Our Solutions


In these times of increasing flexibility, manual workstations are becoming ever more important. This makes efficient call-for-action systems all the more crucial. WeASSIST keeps track of everything and guarantees smooth workflows from material supply to the finished product


Are we talking about output and performance? Then let’s also talk about making processes transparent and optimising them continuously. WeASSIST is your digital companion
– cloud-based, expandable, scalable


The global flow of goods has increased enormously. Efficient shipping logistics not only depends on speed, but also on clarity. WeASSIST is the perfect out-of-the-box solution.

Introducing WeASSIST fast set-up

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