ABB Ekip UP All-in-one Digital Unit

Leveraging our digital innovations

Ekip UP is the low-voltage digital unit able to monitor, protect and control the next generation of plants. Thanks to the built-in software-based function, Ekip UP is the unit that digitalizes the plant performance. Sharing all the electronics solutions of “all-in-one” platform, Ekip UP completes the ecosystem to fit all the market opportunities.

The result is a unit suitable for all the different applications including all the needed functionalities without the need for additional external devices.

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Ekip UP monitors the energy consumption of existing hotels, shopping malls, campuses or office facilities that become immediately connected to the cloud. Thanks to the remote energy management system and smart power management algorithm embedded in the digital unit, facility managers and end-users can increase the energy efficiency of the electrical plant. Even in new infrastructures with e-mobility chargers, Ekip UP is the solution to understand current flows, enabling peak shaving and load shifting strategies.

Ekip UP in the best way, will be able to:

  • UP-date old facility with the latest innovation in the fastest way.
    • Ekip UP updates basic switchboards with new monitoring, protection and power control solutions.
      • Compatible with all switching devices, ABB or not.
      • 100% applicable for every low-voltage scenario.
  • UP-grade plant and get more functionalities in order to cover all the opportunities.
    • Ekip UP is the unit that upgrades the electronics of old facilities making them digital.
      • 40% operational cost saving via the energy management system and predictive maintenance.
      • Cost-effective solution compared with the traditional retrofitting approach.
  • UP-load measures and enable true energy management function.
    • Ekip UP uploads your system data to the cloud-connected ABB Ability platform.
      • Enabling full microgrid control.
      • In less than 10 minutes without any external gateway.
  • Maximize UP-time thanks to easy commissioning without impact on switchboard design.
    • Ekip UP maximizes uptime for system integration as a plug & play unit with easy installation.
      • 50% time saving when retrofitting, with reduced impact on switchboard design.
      • Almost zero downtime during commissioning.