OMRON Traceability Solution Through Serialisation

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Traceability for F&B Industry

Driven by a myriad of high-profile laws, acts, directives and regulations, Traceability is a hot topic for F&B and Pharmaceutical processing and packaging companies. Without fine-tuned Traceability and Serialisation protocols, consumers are exposed to defective products and companies are faced with the possibility of recalling large quantities of product without certainty of compromised integrity. Both scenarios have enormous implications with the core issue being visibility into factors affecting product, packaging or labelling quality.

Traceability & Serialisation

What is the difference?


Uses tracking and tracing systems to monitor a product through all stages of production and distribution.


Assigns and marks each item with a unique identifier during manufacturing.

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OMRON Traceability Solution Through Serialisation

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OMRON offers a robust traceability solution for inspecting, aggregating, managing and exchanging serialised data in the factory internal packaging process. By placing a serialised code on each product package, manufacturers can ensure the authenticity of products and provide all the necessary assurances to their customers.


A one-stop solution for all

Regulation Compliance

  • Broad network of partners for overall implementation coverage
  • To facilitate information exchange between all vendors and platforms
  • Modular and scalable
  • Total Solution for all aggregation levels (Item, Bundle, Case, Pallet)
  • In-line/ Off-line verification and code reading
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Easy to Integrate & Easy to Use

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Omron strives to make traceability as easy as possible, just as it strives to make its machine vision technology intuitive enough for the average operator to use. It addresses various pain points that manufacturers face in the food and beverage packaging industry so that real-time, automated traceability is easy to achieve.

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