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Omron G2RV-ST Slim I/O Relay

Slim I/O relay realizes space-saving thanks to high-density mounting and ultra-slim body

  • 60% space saving from G2R series with 6.2 mm width.
  • 60%* reduction in wiring time and user-friendly with a low insertion force thanks to Push-In Plus Technology.
  • Larger hole and angled structure contribute to efficient wiring and standardization of wires up to AWG14, 2.5 mm2.
  • Easy maintenance with improved LED visibility and colour stopper voltage line identification.
  • Low cutting force of short bars contributes to reducing health issues such as Tenosynovitis.

*According to OMRON actual measurement data for both push-in plus terminal blocks and screw terminal blocks.

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Maintainability is enhanced by colour stoppers

  • Both easy replacement and detachment prevention of relays are achieved by locking and unlocking of a stopper.

Easy and safe Short bar cutting force has been decreased to reduce the burden during assembly

  • Electrification of the short bar fracture plane is prevented by an isolation plate.

Wiring work efficiency improvement

  • Easy to see and easy insert thanks to large-diameter wiring holes and tilted structure.

Work judgment support is provided through mounting feeling enhancement

  • Work efficiency is enhanced by DIN rail sliding performance and short bar improvements.

Visibility is enhanced by the release lever LED

  • Visibility from the front is improved by a structure where the actual release lever lights and by expanding the light emission area.