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Omron FH Vision System

Omron’s new FH Series Vision System is a compact yet powerful solution for advanced quality inspection, identification and positioning applications. With top-of-the-line sensing and processing capabilities, the vision system is designed to maximize production line performance and flexibility by matching and exceeding the sensitivity of human vision. Our patented AI technologies truly detect defects and accept natural process variation like no other system.

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Compact Design

  • Designed to embed directly into the machine/robot equipment.

Powerful Performance

  • High-speed image acquisition and transfer; multi-camera bus connection enables fast transfer of high-resolution images from up to 4 cameras
  • Independent high-speed and parallel image processing works with the 4-core CPU
  • Built-in EtherCAT communication enables high-speed output to PLC

Precision Tuning Capability

  • Non-operator-dependent calibration function ensures accurate motion control output of vision system results to the PLC, motion controller, or robot
  • Stability of settings and reliability of detection is significantly improved for higher precision and accuracy at high speeds


  • NPN and PNP output
  • Choice of 0.3M, 2M and 4M pixel resolution high-speed cameras