ABB SACE Tmax XT series of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

The SACE Tmax XT series of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are designed to maximize ease of use, integration and connectivity while reliably delivering safety and quality. Rather than just offering standalone protection, they are seen as key elements of the system that give you complete flexibility, extreme breaking capabilities and reliable performance under pressure. With seven different sizes and protection features of up to 1600A there’s a solution for every purpose.

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  • 10 minutes to get cloud-connected
  • 30% less time needed for installation and setting
  • 50 additional functions to upgrade trip units through the marketplace
  • 1 user experience from 160 to 1600A

Selection, ordering and handling

30% faster thanks to part numbers reduction (-10%), online configurator (-40% time) and smart packaging (-30% space).


The SACE Tmax XT range offers the potential to save serious time. Thanks to the simplified installation of frames, integrating the circuit-breakers into a communication network, trip unit settings performed via LCD and Bluetooth and Ekip Mobile connectivity, you stand to save up to 40% time overall.

Diagnostics and maintenance

With up to 30% more data available on the cloud and ABB unique power controller concept, it is far easier to diagnose problems and carry out necessary maintenance. This helps to prevent faults, restore energy more quickly and avoid any unnecessary charging of utilities.

Energy saving

The SACE Tmax XT range comes with the exclusive ABB-patented Ekip Power Controller which monitors installation loads and can limit the amount of power consumed at any time. The result is an overall reduction in power consumption of up to 20% and lower energy bills. Furthermore, you have 1% energy measurement accuracy according to IEC 61557-12


Being connected is a key feature of today’s technology and the SACE Tmax XT range of circuit breakers offers more than just standalone protection. Being considered key elements of an electrical distribution system, Tmax XT circuit breakers give you the ability to monitor and manage a wealth of information, easily, wherever you are. So even when on the road, anytime of the day or night, the power of full-access flexibility is in your hands.

Introducing the SACE Tmax XT series of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)