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Schneider Electric Acti 9 iC60N 3-Poles Miniature Circuit Breaker

IEC/EN 60947-2, IEC/EN 60898-1

iC60N circuit breakers are multi-standard circuit breakers that combine the following functions:

– circuit protection against short-circuit currents

– circuit protection against overload currents

– suitable for industrial isolation according to IEC/EN 60947-2 standard

– fault tripping indication by a red mechanical indicator in circuit breaker front face

– remote control by latched and/or impulse-type order according to the 3 operating modes to be chosen by the user

– disconnection in the industrial sector

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3-Poles Miniature Circuit Breaker, Acti9 iC60N, 3P, 6 A, C curve, 6000 A (IEC 60898-1), 10 kA (IEC 60947-2)

Model: A9F74306