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Weidmuller W,S,K Series Terminal Block

Terminal blocks with clamping yoke and screw connection system

  • The W-Series is offered in standard and compact designs, the compact design is impressive with its small size for the design cross-sectional capacity.
  • The terminal unit consists of hardened steel, for very high contact force, the busbar is made of copper, which gives a low voltage drop as well as having a  tin-plated surface ensures minimum contact resistances
  • Uniform size of the terminal block bodies from 2.5 to 10 mm² means fewer accessories, lowers the cost, offers logistical advantages and enables simple installation.
  • The terminal blocks are supplied with open clamping units, that enables quick assembly. In addition, the misplugging safeguard prevents conductors from being inserted incorrectly. Embossing on the clamping yoke and current bar engage so that even the smallest conductors are reliably contacted.
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