(ITAP 2020) Forging Ahead with Industry 4.0 with Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific

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ITAP Event LKH Precicon

About ITAP Online Virtual Event 2020

Technological advancements are redefining manufacturing processes, design & production facilities, distribution systems and global supply chains. Manufacturers and businesses in the region recognise that current business models are no longer sustainable. The time has come for companies to start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions.

In ASEAN, the fifth largest manufacturing economy in value-added terms, manufacturing companies will ramp up their IoT technology investments to more than US$15b by 2019. Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have already launched separate 4.0 roadmaps to spearhead their respective economic agendas. Singapore has also recently launched the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index to provide a common framework for companies to start, scale and sustain Industry 4.0 efforts.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2020 will be the engaging and inclusive event where stakeholders and targeted audience groups convene for networking and knowledge transfer opportunities for business success.

Our Showcase for the Online Event

Smart Factory Machine Digitalization

Through engineering and technology advancement, we have worked together a Machine Digitalization Solution that aims to digitize old legacy machines into intelligent machines which can communicate in the plant level and beyond. Click here for more information here.

Omron TM Cobot

Omron TM Cobot is a revolutionary collaborative robotics (cobot) the modern era. Omron Cobot comes with a built-in vision system that supports the positioning model on the object-orientated base or the robot alignment-orientated base. Click here for more information.

Werma SmartMONITOR

Our Werma SmartMONITOR solution is the smart MDC alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise their manufacturing processes. Werma SmartMONITOR provides all of the relevant data for machines, systems and manual workstations easily at the touch of a button. Click here for more information.

ABB Ability Solution

Our Industrial IOT solution features ABB Ability EDCS and Smart Sensor as a scalable solutions for energy and asset management. It provides a comprehensive portfolio with both embedded and external plug & play connectivity. Services range from on-site monitoring to cloud-based solutions, with hardware and software tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Click here for more information.

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