ITAP 2022 – Happenings and News Feature

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What went down at ITAP 2022

Firstly, LKH Precicon would like to thank all the attendees and customers who have visited our booth at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP). We hope everyone has gained some insights into what we have showcased.

This year, we focused on the Technology category of the SIRI framework that most companies involved in Industry 4.0 will be familiar with. Some of our solutions surrounding the Automation, Connectivity and Intelligence pillars were highlighted to attendees at the event, emphasizing the importance of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers start, scale and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys.


A setup of how Robotiq, OnRobot and DH-Robotics Grippers can work hand-in-hand with the WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer using Omron’s Cobot. It let users have the ability to interchange grippers of different brands since manufacturing plants these days have many requirements towards scaling a wide variety of output. The WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer also shows how it is different from other automatic tool changers in the market that require expensive pneumatic installations.
Interchange grippers of different brands; Robotiq, Onset, WINGMAN


Many businesses and factories require high-speed inspection with accuracy. When producing at such high speed, it is challenging yet important, to coordinate and control the system for accurate image inspection.
Flying trigger technology achieves positioning accuracy in imaging while moving without stopping the camera or parts. This technology enables complete synchronization of motion control (rotating objects, etc.) and image capture timing, it can be realized by combining NJ-series with 1S servo/G5 servo.
digitization solution with DGnet and POWER BI


Combining it in the DGnet Box, this will help factory plants move towards Machine Digitization, allowing users to have an overview of their operations and improve on scalability by better identifying downtime and reporting efficiency through an all-rounded informative dashboard using Microsoft Power BI.

digitization solution with DGnet and POWER BI

We are on the News!

With more than 20 countries and 200 exhibitors at ITAP this year, the aim of our industry is to promote our commitment towards a smarter, greener and more connected advanced manufacturing hub.
LKH Precicon will continue to step up and provide value-added solutions that contribute to the industry by helping businesses move towards a green and sustainable future.

Happenings at the Event