ABB Ability EDCS

ABB Ability EDCS

Give your buildings a new dimension

ABB Ability EDCS (Electrical Distribution Control System) is a scalable solutions for energy and asset management. The ABB Ability EDCS solution program is supporting the digital transformation of public, commercial and industrial buildings and their power technologies. It provides a fully scalable portfolio with both embedded and external plug & play connectivity. Services range from on-site monitoring to cloud-based solutions, with hardware and software tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Simplified Solution Offering

ABB Ability’s portfolio scales to suit a range of small to medium sized businesses, enabling electrical installers, building owners, facility and energy managers to collect and visualize their data – both on-site and remotely. That means optimum energy consumption and allocation, continuous operations, and simplified maintenance. The benefits of connectivity and data availability can result in savings up to 30%. “Give your buildings a new dimension” uses two proven energy monitoring solutions – the CMS- 700 circuit-monitoring system and the ABB EQmatic energy analyser – and integrates their functionality with the company’s Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) via the ABB Ability cloud. To set up the network and cloud connectivity in a new installation – or to upgrade existing facilities – just “plug & play” modules or devices are needed.

ABB Ability EDCS Applications

ABB Ability EDCS Applications

ABB Ability EDCS Architecture

ABB Ability EDCS

Value Propositions

Single Supervision System

The digital solution adds value to facilities, meeting customer demands and enabling them to comply with higher energy efficiency standards. Real time analysis of valuable data from field devices enables customers to closely monitor the performance of multiple installations with a single supervision system.

“Plug and Play”

Clear information about consumption and improvement opportunities makes cutting waste and improving energy efficiency simple. Customers also benefit from lower energy bills and reductions in unplanned downtime. ABB’s “plug and play” devices make installation quick and easy. Customers can make existing installations smart with no need to replace components. New and retrofitted solutions are up and running in no time, immediately starting to collect data.

Multi-site Supervision and Monitoring

As an example of case study for multi-site monitoring, supervision of various stores can be situated as single locations or as a shop in a shopping mall. Current solutions gather data from all the different stores in order to analyze energy management, monitor energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. To aggregate and compare data from multiple locations, a cloud-based solution is essential. Monitoring any store requires only an analogue installation. Water and gas consumption data —Applications Multi-site supervision for chain stores Installation Deploying a multi-site monitoring solution, user can reduce installation time and components. Operation Introducing a single intuitive digital solution, user can guarantee continuous operation and allocate effectively energy consumptions. are gathered from dedicated meters and sent digitally to the E-Hub. Electrical data and measurements are collected from energy meters, breakers and CMS-700 devices and transmitted to the E-Hub via Modbus RTU. At the core of the solution, the Ekip E-Hub mounted on the DIN rail gathers all the incoming data. Data from all the locations then goes to the cloud via Ethernet or wireless connections for further analysis.

Abb Ability EDCS Multi-site monitoring

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