Smart Factory Machine Digitalization

Have you faced the issue of old legacy machines not being productive and intelligent enough? Through engineering and technology advancement, we have worked together a Machine Digitalization Solution that aims to digitize old legacy machines into intelligent machines which can communicate in the plant level and beyond.

Key Benefits

  • Allow Legacy Machine to Provide Valuable Information
  • Monitor Machine Run Time and Total Parts Produced
  • Track Machine Cycle Time
  • Wireless Connectivity up to Five Machines
  • Distance Coverage up to 400m line of sight
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Visualization Dashboard
  • Customizable add-ons

Also available to Design Equipment Data Monitoring System or Equipment Performance Monitoring System Our Smart Factory Machine Digitalization solution is suitable for discrete manufacturing which used a lot of legacy machines. The solution can add on additional life span to those legacy machines with some valuable data to improve operational efficiencies and enhance asset utilization.

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