WINGMAN – The Cobot Tool Changer System

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Triple-A Robotics – WINGMAN (The Cobot Tool Changer System)

TripleA Wingman

What is WINGMAN?

The WINGMAN is a New School tool changer that offers both manual and automatic tool change in the same device. In addition, the WINGMAN does not require expensive pneumatic installations to achieve automatic tool change, unlike Old School automatic tool changers. All these are possible thanks to the WINGMAN’s patented mechanical redundant locking mechanism.

The WINGMAN Tool Changer provide users great flexibility due to the compact size and the click-in pass-through modules that allow users to quickly reconfigure the tool changer for new tools. Its mechanical activated locking mechanism does not need compressed air to work, unlike traditional automatic tool changers, which makes the WINGMAN easy for users to install.

Cobot tool changer specifications


Installed in a few minutes out-of-the-box. Automatic tool change setup in 1 minute.


Automatic and manual tool change in one. Standard ISO flange – Strong and light.


Designed & tested for ISO/TS 15066 compliance and with redundant safety lock.

The Tool Changer

Suitable for use on cobots of all sizes and will fit in applications with only a little space.

Combined height: 30 mm / 1.18 in

Combined weight: 260 g / 0.57 lbs

Rated payload: 33 kg / 73 lbs

Repeatability: +-0,03 mm / 0.0012 in

TripleA Wingman

The Tool Holder

The holder provides a standard solution to store end-effectors and the holder is part of the automatic.

Holder’s maximum payload: 5 kg / 11 lbs

Maximum tool imbalance: 1 Nm

Material: Stainless steel

Wingman Tool Holder

High Quality

The WINGMAN Tool Changer System is made of precision machined metal parts.

Manufacturing country: DENMARK

Material: High-grade aluminium

Surface treatment: Special

TripleA Wingman

High Flow Pass-Through Module

The modules click on the WINGMAN’s housing without the use of tools. The WINGMAN can hold three sets of modules.

Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Push-in fittings: 2 x Ø6 mm hoses

Pass-through clearance: Ø4 mm

Wingman Parts

Built-in Air Pass-Through

The WINGMAN Tool Changer housings feature built-in channels for pneumatic pass-through.

Maximum pressure: 10 bar

Channels for fittings: 2 x Ø4 mm hoses

Pass-through clearance: Ø 2,7 mm

TripleA Wingman

Electrical Pass-Through Module

The modules click on the WINGMAN’s housing without the use of tools. There is room for three sets of modules, which allow for three different sources of electrical power/control.

Connectors: Std. cobot M8 / 8 pin

Rated voltage/amps: 30 ACDC / 1,5 A

IP classification: IP54

Wingman Parts



Change automatically from a welding gun to a gripper to move welded parts away and new parts in for welding.

Or switch to a brush tool to clean welds in between.


The WINGMAN is designed for use in combination with mobile robot arms. Let the mobile robot arm pick up the end-effectors it needs and carry multiple end-effectors to solve multiple tasks autonomously.


Change automatically between grippers to automate mixed palletizing.

Or change from a gripper for a label applicator to label boxes after palletizing.


Change one or both grippers automatically on dual grippers for machine tending applications. Your cobot can combine end-effectors on the double gripper as needed to solve tasks effectively.


Change between several end-effectors such as electric gripper, vacuum gripper, glue dispenser, screwdriver, etc. to automate assembly tasks such as box assembly and similar.

Introducing WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer System

Interested to find out more about WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer System? Feel free to contact us!


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