ABB M4M Network Analyzers

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M4M Network analyzers

Improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase power quality: three goals to achieve in order to run sustainable buildings. ‘Internet of Things’ devices -like the new M4M Network Analyzers- allows real-time and accurate energy data monitoring and enable customers to improve performance while reducing the impact on the environment.

The new M4M range of network analyzers ensures complete power quality analysis and high-accurate energy efficiency monitoring of electrical parameters and advanced power quality KPIs.

Moreover, energy data gathered by the M4M can leverage the integration into a common architecture that, together with other smart components, promote the ability to ‘Give Your Buildings a New Dimension’ – a scalable portfolio for energy and asset management solutions.

Main Benefits

-50% time for integration in the ABB turnkey solution

  • Fully connected and integrated in ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager cloud-solution
  • Bluetooth for integration in the unique EPiC commissioning and local plant monitoring tool
  • Wide applications thanks to a complete set of communication protocols
  • Easy retrofit of power monitoring to the cloud in existing installations thanks to Rogowski coils

-40% time for installation and commissioning

  • Touch screen color graphic display with common menu for easy navigation
  • Smart remote commissioning via mobile app and desktop software
  • Fast installation and wiring thanks to all-removable terminals
  • Rogowski coils acceptance for fast and space-saving CT cabling with 0 downtime

Digital turnkey solution for monitoring, optimization and control

  • Class 0.5 measurement according to IEC 61557-12 power monitoring standard
  • Integration in the ABB turnkey solution allowing easy data aggregation and straightforward analyses
  • Availability of power quality KPIs, from THD to individual harmonics and neutral current measurement
  • Datalogging of 1-year trends of main parameters for advanced data analyses

Improve reactivity and reduce uncoordinated maintenance

  • Complete set of programmable I/O options for easy control on the system
  • Customized alarms logics for enhanced reactivity to power quality events
  • Interactive pop-ups and remote real-time notifications
  • Remote FW upgrade via EPiC software without any impact on operations

Product Range


ABB’S M4M is the new fully-connected, state-of-the-art range of network analyzers, guaranteeing complete power quality analysis and accurate energy efficiency monitoring of all the energy assets: industrial and commercial buildings, facilities and data centers.


R4M Rogowski coils are flexible current transformers, ideal to retrofit existing installations up to 12kA. M4M Rogowski version together with R4M coils ensure integration in any existing system with zero downtime.


M4M 2X extends the ABB family of network analyzers with an innovative, flexible product range.

The new M4M 2X network analyzers can be mounted on a DIN rail without display, ensuring the strongest, most scalable remote connectivity to ABB digital solutions.


  • Efficient and rational use of real-time energy consumption
  • Power monitoring to avoid fees and penalties from the utility
  • Accurate sub-billing of different individual departments or tenants
  • Easily monitor and control power network to avoid outages, equipment damage, failures and interruption of critical operations
  • Improve energy performance and energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions for industrial facilities
  • Fully monitor power quality and power reliability, and easily detect in which part of the data center harmonics are created.
  • Prevent damages to installed equipment and avoid any operational impact.

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