Omron TM Cobot – Collaborative Robot for Advanced Manufacturing

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Omron TM Cobot

It is the revolutionary collaborative robotics (cobot) of the modern era. Omron Cobot comes with a built-in vision system that supports the positioning model on the object-orientated base or the robot alignment-orientated base.

Intelligent Built-in Vision

Using TM Landmark, it provides a fast, simple and flexible base system positioning method capturing the six degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z, RX,RY,RZ) of the object position information. The only 6 DOF collaborative robot with built-in vision system that integrates hands, eyes and brains of conventional robots into one. Not only it enables you to execute high precision jobs but also provides flexibility for fast line change.

Cobot Built In Vision
Omron Cobot lineup

Omron TM Collaborative Robot helps you to achieve the following:

  • Addresses labour shortages
  • 24/7 operation
  • Improve productivity
  • Error-free operation
  • Consistent speed operation

Omron TM Cobot Built-in Vision Landmark 6 Axis Demonstration

Our Cobot Applications

Cobot applications

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