[Watch Webinar] Smart Manufacturing 2022: Integrated, Market-Ready Solutions For Digital Transformation In The Era Of Acceleration

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Integrated, Market-Ready Solutions For Digital Transformation In The Era Of Acceleration in Singapore

As manufacturing companies advance the post-pandemic digital era and make structural changes to drive innovation; leveraging technological advances with aims to meet better consumer needs and experience, and improving collaboration between employees, subsidiaries, and suppliers are the key factors to ensuring business continuity and survival.

Digital transformation is not a product or solution to be purchased, but it affects everything IT touches in every industry. Advanced technologies like clouds, mobile apps, and Products-as-a-Service require new types of storage, analytics, automation, and management.

This webinar walks through the various market-ready solutions that help the industrial sectors improve digital agility and transformational success that enhance the competitive edge.

Singapore Industry 4.0 Consultant

Mr Colin Koh, Senior Manager, Business Development of LKH Precicon will be exploring ways to reap tangible returns from Industry 4.0 investment, while Industry 4.0 concept adoption, POC, roadmap, and budget allocation is still a work in progress. According to Gartner’s report, $2 trillion was spent worldwide among one million manufacturing entities. The end goal of most investments is to build a smart manufacturing implementation, and leverage emerging technologies such as advanced robotics, cloud and 3D printing, with robust cybersecurity support. A holistic approach is needed, which takes into consideration the integration of people, technology and process, to achieve a “Smart Manufacturing” vision which ensures ROI for all manufacturing stakeholders.

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