Ekip UP The low voltage digital unit for next generation of plants

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Leveraging our digital innovation

Ekip UP is the low-voltage digital unit able to monitor, protect and control the next generation of plants.

Thanks to the built-in software-based function, part of ABB Ability portfolio of connected and software-enabled solutions, Ekip UP digitizes the plant performance. Sharing the electronics capabilities of “all-in-one” ABB platform, Ekip UP enables the integration of advanced functionalities into the switchgear.

The traditional approaches of industrialists towards the installed base is quite conservative. The cultural inertia for the innovation and the barrier of retrofitting cost make them not change the power distribution philosophy, losing all the chances offered by new solutions. In case of switchgear with traditional breakers, still suitable for the mechanical performances but old for the electronics capabilities, trusting the end-user to replace the whole device is more than complex. On the other side, there are many projects that need customization and engineering efforts, which are not usually addressed to the solutions embedded in switching devices but, generally, are related to external devices. Ekip UP edge units are fitted for all the market opportunities.

As a multifunctional unit, Ekip UP monitors, protects and controls the power distribution and automation applications. Thanks to its plug&play design, it guarantees ease of use, modularity and flexibility.


– Measurement capability of main energy parameters.

– Network analyzer to evaluate the power quality.

– Datalogger based on event triggers for fast fault diagnosis.

– Connectivity for system integration up to 8 field-bus protocols, plus a property bus for power automation applications that require advanced cyber-security.

– Embedded gateway that ensures power understanding by cloud-based energy management system.



The evolution of ABB external units sets a new standard for the multi-functional relays’ market, leveraging the value of digital innovations.


– Distribution protection (mains and feeders) based on current and voltage measurement.

– Generator protection and interface protection systems.

– Adaptive threshold according to grid topology.

– Digital selectivity for resource coordination.

– Load shedding algorithms to prevent blackouts.

– Programmable logics to manage transfer-switching operations and maximize service continuity.

– Synchrocheck function of different power sources inside.


– Power management systems to optimize plant resources and enable Demand Response applications.

The evolution of ABB external units sets a new standard for the multi-functional relays’ market, leveraging the value of digital innovations.

The low voltage digital unit for next generation of plants

One unit, more markets

Ekip UP is ready to meet any requirement and cover spread market opportunities worldwide.

Commercial buildings

Ekip UP monitors the energy consumption of existing hotels, shopping malls, campuses or office facilities that become immediately connected to the cloud.

Thanks to the remote energy management system and smart power management algorithm embedded in the digital unit, facility managers and end-users can increase the energy efficiency of the electrical plant. Even in new infrastructures with e-mobility chargers, Ekip UP is the solution to understand current flows, enabling peak shaving and load shifting strategies.

Industrial and utility plants

Ekip UP protects plant power systems and automation processes with a direct interface to every switching device. The unit satisfies a complete list of distribution and generation ANSI protections as well as it embeds programmable logic.

For example, sending tripping commands to switch disconnectors is a typical case for oil & gas industries. Besides, Ekip UP can also add granted backup protections to breakers to increase reliability with complete redundancy, as in utility power stations.

Having both DIN-rail and door-mounted options in the same unit, it fits the installation requirements of OEMs and panel builders with small space requirements.


Ekip UP easily revamps the electronics of old breakers installed onboard ships, offering a cost-effective solution in respect to traditional approaches.

The unit maximizes the time for maintenance & operation technicians during the installation compared with other retrofitting solution. The mechanical vibration performances of the unit match the marine application specifications. Besides, through adaptive protections and digital buses, the unit enables complete coordination of motors, generators and distribution bus-bars.


Ekip UP controls urban or remote communities, coordinating the different resources from loads to generators. Thanks to the all-in-one software functions, Ekip UP maximizes the service continuity of critical power microgrids, like data centres, hospitals or solar factories.

Leveraging on advanced connectivity capability, system integrators can easily introduce the digital unit is in plant networks. Package selling upload-model guarantees modularity and flexibility in every microgrid project for design institutes.

Ekip UP is CE-marked and cULus listed. It conforms to the Standard IEC 60255 – “Measuring relays and protection equipment” and UL 508, CSA C22.2 No. 14-13 – “Standard for Industrial Control Equipment”.

IEC 60255 certification makes Ekip UP suitable globally being recognized by other local regulatory organizations, while cULus compliance enables the access to North American market (UL508, UL1053). Ekip UP Protect+ and Control+ versions are in compliance with the grid-connection standards, in particular the last edition of CEI 0-16 – “Reference technical rules for the connection of active and passive consumers to the HV and MV electrical networks of distribution company”. All the Ekip UP range is approved by marine registers (RINA and DNV-GL) and other local standards (CMIM, KC). Ekip UP operates in low voltage grids according to the following ranges and characteristics:

ABB Ekip UP main characteristics

Ekip UP unit is standard provided in the optimized bag-packaging with:

• ABB current sensors, offered in four types, and cabling kit

• insertion bridge for voltage sockets

• power supply cartridge module

• measurement module

• four I/O programmable contacts.

Ekip UP is also able to be equipped with optional:

• communication and gateway modules

• synchrocheck cartridge module

• embedded or external signalling modules

• software functions

• external differential or homopolar toroids.

If required, commercial voltage sensors can be applied into the specific sockets, clearly identified to ensure correct installation.

ABB Ekip UP main characteristics

The same Ekip UP unit may be DIN-rail or doormounted according to the specific requirement. Many clips fix the unit guaranteeing stability in every installation. Rotating capability of digital contacts and two dedicated labels ensure easy of use in both the mounting options. Serial Number information is available in the label applied on the unit side as well as in the touchscreen display. Indeed, all the configurations are possible from the display or using the commissioning software Ekip Connect. Additional labels help to identify the cartridge module plugged into the unit.

ABB Ekip UP main characteristics


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