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Omron K6PM-TH Thermal Condition Monitoring Device

K6PM-TH monitors continuously and remotely the temperature of devices in control cabinets and panels. The monitoring device automatically analyses the collected data by proprietary algorithm and predicts the future end temperature to identify equipment failures at an early stage.

  • K6PH-TH visualize the thermal status in a panel using the infrared thermal image sensor with a wide view angle in a compact design
  • Prediction of the temperature deviation over time allows the early detection of an abnormal tendency and the early planning of maintenance
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal threshold depending on the environment of use and the temperature of the measurement target
  • Equipped with a transistor output that externally outputs the status of the panel
  • Monitoring can be performed easily on the PC by EtherNet/IP communication and the dedicated Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool
  • Push-in Plus Terminal Technology reduces wiring work
  • UL listed for easy shipping to North America
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Consistently and remotely monitor and analysis the temperature status of panel devices to achieve both labor-saving and significant risk mitigation of abnormal stop

  • Visualize the thermal status in a panel using the infrared thermal sensor (Special thermal image sensor) with a wide viewing angle in a compact body, specifically designed for mounting in a panel
  • Detect abnormal symptoms by the algorithm analyzing the temperature status in a panel
  • Dedicated monitoring tool (Thermal Condition Monitoring Tool) to provide the constant remote monitoring system

With the software tool, a maximum of 5 K6PM-THMD devices can be connected via an Ethernet cable, and settings and monitoring can be performed.