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Aranet Differential Pressure Sensor

Measure the difference in air pressure between two points as needed in HVAC, building automation and Pharma.

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Introducing the Aranet Differential Pressure Sensor, a cutting-edge solution for precision monitoring of differential pressure levels. Designed with advanced wireless technology, this sensor provides real-time data on pressure differences, enabling you to optimize airflow, ensure efficient ventilation, and maintain ideal environmental conditions.

With the Aranet Differential Pressure Sensor, you gain unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Whether you need to monitor pressure differentials in HVAC systems, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, or other critical applications, this sensor delivers precise measurements and actionable insights. It allows you to identify potential issues, prevent equipment malfunctions, and enhance energy efficiency.

Our differential pressure sensor offers seamless integration into your existing monitoring system. Easy setup and wireless connectivity allow you to conveniently access data and receive timely alerts. The intuitive interface provides intuitive visualizations and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.

Air pressure measurements

  • ±500 Pa (accuracy 0.10 Pa + 3% of reading)

Protection class

  • IP65

Wireless and battery-powered