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Aranet Soil Sensor

This sensor measures volumetric water content, dielectric permittivity, and soil temperature for horticulture and other applications. Monitor irrigation and nutrient delivery to plants to optimize for plant growth.

  • Measures water content in the substrate
  • Monitors soil temperature for planting and seed germination
  • Indicates optimal fertilizer nutrient levels via electrical conductivity


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The Aranet Soil Sensor (Teros-12) is an advanced device specifically designed for precise and reliable soil parameter measurements. This sensor offers valuable insights into soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity, enabling informed decisions in agricultural, horticultural, and environmental monitoring applications.

Equipped with high-quality sensors and cutting-edge technology, the Aranet Soil Sensor (Teros-12) provides accurate and real-time data on soil conditions. It utilizes advanced capacitive measurement techniques to measure soil moisture content, a highly critical factor for irrigation management and plant health.

The sensor also includes a high-accuracy temperature sensor to monitor soil temperature, a key parameter influencing plant growth and nutrient uptake. Additionally, it measures electrical conductivity, providing valuable information about soil salinity and nutrient levels.

With its easy installation and integration, the Aranet Soil Sensor (Teros-12) seamlessly connects to existing monitoring systems. It offers various communication options, including wireless connectivity, allowing for convenient data transmission and remote monitoring capabilities.

The sensor’s robust construction ensures long-term reliability and durability in various environmental conditions. It is typically designed to withstand exposure to moisture, dust, and other elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

By providing accurate measurements of soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity, the Aranet Soil Sensor (Teros-12) enables optimized irrigation management, precise fertilization, and enhanced plant health. It assists growers and environmentalists in making data-driven decisions, resulting in improved crop yields, water conservation, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Volumetric water content measurements

  • 0 – 100 % (accuracy ±3 %)

Dielectric permittivity measurements

  • 1 – 80 (accuracy ±3 %)

Temperature measurements

  • −40 °C to 60 °C (accuracy ±1 °C)

Electrical conductivity measurements

  • 0–20 dS/m (accuracy ±5% )

Protection class

  • IP68

Wireless and battery-powered