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a leading provider of wireless sensor solutions for environmental monitoring

LKH Precicon’s Partnership with Aranet

We are pleased to announce that LKH Precicon has entered into a long-term partnership with Aranet, a leading provider of wireless sensor solutions for environmental monitoring. This partnership marks an exciting collaboration between our companies to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to our clients in the field of environmental monitoring.

At LKH Precicon, we have always been committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and services to our customers. By joining forces with Aranet, renowned for their expertise in wireless sensor networks, we are confident that we can offer enhanced capabilities and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Aranet specializes in wireless sensor networks that enable real-time monitoring of environmental conditions.

Aranet specializes in wireless sensor networks that enable real-time monitoring of environmental conditions

Their range of sensors encompasses parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 levels, light intensity, noise levels, and more. With their wireless communication technologies, Aranet ensures seamless data collection and transmission, empowering businesses to gain actionable insights into their surroundings.

Let’s look into some of Aranet’s product:

The perfect companion for indoor environments allowing you to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure

Aranet4 – Air Quality Monitoring Sensor

Aranet4 is a comprehensive wireless sensor system designed to monitor various environmental parameters in real-time. With its cutting-edge technology and robust sensor network, Aranet4 enables users to gather precise data on crucial factors such as CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. This wealth of information empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and create healthier and more productive environments.

The key features of Aranet4 include its wireless connectivity, allowing seamless data transmission between the sensors and the centralized monitoring platform. The non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) inside Aranet4 ensures high precision measurements, ensuring minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. Aranet4 also boasts an extended range, enabling coverage of large areas or multiple sites with a single network, enhancing flexibility and scalability. Aranet4 is easy for anyone to use – the colour coding warns you when the air quality deteriorates.

An indoor environmental monitoring solution that acts as a gateway, data storage and web server

PRO base station

The Aranet PRO base station is a central hub within the Aranet wireless environmental monitoring system. It is an indoor environmental monitoring solution that acts as a gateway, data storage and web server. It wirelessly collects data from Aranet sensors, manages the sensor network, and serves as a gateway for data transmission. PRO base station provides a centralized monitoring platform for real-time data visualization and analysis, customizable alerts and notifications, and integration capabilities with other systems. What’s more, it is has a user-friendly interface to view, analyze and export data.

For HVAC environmental controls, temperature monitoring systems inside buildings, equipment or machinery, process monitoring and control systems. The probe can be extended thus ensuring even more easy setup.

Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe

Aranet’s Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe is a sensor designed to measure and monitor temperature and relative humidity levels for HVAC environmental controls and monitoring systems inside buildings or machinery

It is a key component of the Aranet wireless environmental monitoring system and offers accurate and reliable data for assessing and managing environmental conditions. Here are some important details about the Aranet Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe:

  1. Measurement Capabilities: The Aranet Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe is specifically designed to measure two parameters: temperature and relative humidity. It provides precise readings for both of these factors, allowing users to monitor and analyze environmental conditions effectively.
  2. Wireless Connectivity: The probe utilizes wireless technology to communicate with the Aranet PRO base station or other compatible Aranet devices. This wireless connectivity enables seamless data transmission, eliminating the need for complex wiring installations and providing flexibility in sensor placement.
Ambient light detection in all kind of building environment – offices, retail spaces, conference rooms and other places that require coordinated lighting solutions.

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sensor

The Aranet PAR sensor is a specialized sensor that measures the intensity of light within the photosynthetically active radiation spectrum. It provides accurate and reliable data on light conditions crucial for photosynthesis in plants. The sensor is wirelessly connected to the Aranet system, allowing centralized data collection and analysis. It is designed to optimize plant growth and productivity by monitoring light levels, offering real-time monitoring and alerts. The Aranet PAR sensor finds applications in plant research, horticulture, agriculture, and other fields where understanding and optimizing light conditions are essential for plant growth and development.

Through this partnership, LKH Precicon gains access to Aranet’s superior products and advanced monitoring solutions. This collaboration will enable us to offer a wider range of options to our customers, addressing their specific environmental monitoring requirements more comprehensively. Whether it is optimizing indoor air quality, maintaining ideal temperature levels, or ensuring workplace safety, together we aim to provide industry-leading solutions that deliver accurate data and facilitate effective decision-making.

Furthermore, our combined expertise in data analysis, reporting, and integration will enable seamless integration of Aranet’s wireless sensor networks into existing infrastructure or IoT platforms. This integration will provide our customers with a holistic approach to environmental monitoring, enabling them to monitor, analyze, and control their environments in a more efficient and intelligent manner.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and the potential to deliver enhanced value to our clients. Together, LKH Precicon and Aranet are poised to drive advancements in the field of environmental monitoring, empowering businesses to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable environments.

We look forward to embarking on this collaborative journey with Aranet and to jointly serving our customers with exceptional wireless sensor solutions.

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