Making Operations Safer with Collaborative Robots

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Fight covid with omron Cobot

While many industries are permitted to resume their operations, the Singapore government still requires businesses to abide by public health safety regulations. This can be quite challenging to do so, especially if your industry relies on human operations. Fortunately, investing in collaborative robots would help eliminate challenges such as minimizing humans contact.

Solve Manpower Issue

  • Effectively practice social distancing
  • Low risk of transmission
  • Addresses labour shortages
Improve Productivity

  • Fulfil customer demand
  • Improve productivity
  • 24/7 operation
Exceptional Quality

  • Error free operation
  • Consistent speed
  • Repeatability of ±0.05mm
Omron Cobot lineup

Unique Built-in Vision

Unlike others, Omron Cobot (Collaborative Robot) has a built-in intelligent vision system that can be used for pattern matching, object positioning and barcode reading. The integrated camera localises objects in a wide field of vision while the image-enhancement light enables object recognition under almost any conditions.

Cobot Built In Vision

Intuitive Programming Software

Downtime costs money, which means you need a robot that can start fast and stay running. Our Plug and Play software enables this robot to work right out of the box. It is so intuitive it allows for quick programming during startups and changeovers, getting your production up and running as fast as possible.

Our Cobot Applications

Cobot applications

Let us help you in building a safer operation together

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