Detection Of Abnormality for Quick Recovery

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Detection of Abnormality for Quick Recovery

The detection of wiring cable disconnections and errors, which improves equipment operation rate through quick maintenance.

Existing Problems

An abnormality was displayed on the abnormality display screen. However, when inspecting the equipment, the maintenance engineer is unable to detect the external error on-site and the cause of the stop was hence not understood.

Investigations towards the cause of the abnormality are lengthy, from 2 hours to several days, because the engineering person is limited to his/her own knowledge and has to perform a manual error identification.

With an IO-Link Photoelectric Sensor/Proximity Sensor


How it Works

When an abnormality occurs, the area and phenomenon is picked up by the IO-Link sensors. The exact location and factors for the abnormality is communicated back instantaneously to the maintenance engineer.

Quick Recovery

As such, he can take the necessary replacement parts and head to where the abnormality occurred and recover the equipment in the shortest time. This works also with wire disconnection detection, both output wires and power lines.


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