Precise Identification Of Failure Points To Reduce Man-Hours

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Precise Identification Of Failure Points To Reduce Man-Hours

Remove the need to check thousands of sensors for problems during system commissioning and changeover by allowing identification in batches.

Existing Problems

During system commissioning or changeover, operators have to perform the I/O check for each of the thousands of sensors installed on the line. Going through every individual sensor takes up an enormous amount of man-hours time, that can be very costly to the plant.

If a sensor is installed wrongly, or an error occurs, precious time is very much further wasted in error rectification.

With an IO-Link Photoelectric Sensor/Proximity Sensor


Identify Faulty Sensor Without Going On-Site

With an IO-Link Photoelectric Sensor/Proximity Sensor, engineers need not manually check through thousands of sensors. He can instead access the sensor identification (manufacturer/sensor type/number) system, to easily check for mistakes such as misconnected or unconnected sensors and installation mistakes.

Programming Multiple Sensors At Once

It is possible to program multiple sensors at once using the command language used only for the controller. This allows the checking to be done in batches, improving system commissioning and changeover efficiency, saving precious manhours and costs.


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