New Product Launch: Tai Sin Busbar Trunking System

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In 2020, after 40 years of cable manufacturing success, Tai Sin launches its new range of low voltage Busbar Trunking System.

Busbar Trunking System (BTS) was originally introduced in 1932 as an innovative solution to solve the automaton industry’s needs for a flexible power system. Today, BTS accounts for over 50% of Singapore’s power distribution systems in integral areas such as data centres, industrial, and healthcare projects.

Our Busbar Trunking Systems delivers improved performance with its higher power efficiency, low voltage drop, high tensile strength and safety features. Our product undergoes strict quality checks locally, ensuring that all busbars and accessories are functional prior to delivery. Our local technical team will be able to provide you with prompt replacement/repair support when you need it.

Our wide range of busbars will be able to provide the flexibility you need to support different types of configuration, our systems are able to support 3P3W, 3P4W or 3P5W installation, supply and distribution for rated current from 250A to 5000A (for aluminium conductor) & 250A to 6300A (for copper conductor), rated operation voltage up to 690V (rated insulation voltage up to 1000V), the frequency range between 50~60Hz and IP degree protection up to IP66. The plug-and-play feature also makes installation and maintenance fast and easy.

The first locally tested Busbar Trunking System supplier

Being the first locally tested busbar trunking system supplier, we are committed to helping you obtain a reliable power distribution solution that meets your budget and project timeline.

Manufacturer of Power Distribution System since 1980s

  • The only brand that conducts factory routine tests in Singapore
  • Provide local technical and replacement/repair support with the shortest lead time
  • Type tested and certified to IEC 61439-6 standard
  • Quality assured with 3rd party (KEMA) surveillance


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