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Meet EPiC

A new work experience, for those who dare to go beyond the visible. An all-rounded wireless building management app for professionals.

EPiC is the new free mobile application to let installers, maintenance technicians and panel builders go beyond their normal way to work.


Thanks to EPiC augmented reality and QR code scanning functions, the installation of the system will be simpler, more immediate and ecological. Augmented reality identifies the product and guides panel builders installing products with own accessories. In parallel, just frame the QR code to gain immediate access to an optimized and always updated user interface. The app lets you directly consult, at any time, all the necessary documentation such as data sheets, instruction manuals and declarations of conformity. A solution that is not only sustainable but simplifies your work by putting everything at your fingertips.

Main Benefits

  • Reduce time to identify the right product accessories
  • Optimized interface accessible directly from the smartphone product scan
  • Clear understanding of product installation, preventing mistakes
  • Access product data quickly and easily, as well as documentation, marketing collaterals and factory configuration such as technical datasheets, instruction manuals, declarations of conformity, product catalogs and related webpages
  • Simple by leveraging on digital instead of paper-based documentation
  • Optimize waste management by using a fully ecological solution
Creating a safe working environment, through easy-to-use solutions, is our main goal. EPiC, thanks to the BLE or NFC connection, allows you to commission the system in complete safety. In this way, you will be able to quickly check the protection parameters, connectivity and logics of the device, while staying at a distance of up to 10 meters from the main dangerous areas.
Main Benefits
  • Safety distance guaranteed thanks to remote connectivity to the system
  • Cut commissioning time in electrical rooms by up to 80%
  • Create digital-twin product settings ready to be copied with a few clicks
  • No cables or laptops that are difficult to handle in tight electrical environments
  • Intuitive historical and real-time monitoring of electrical assets
You will be able to rely on our global ABB technical support network, making it easier to maintain the system and reduce maintenance costs. Our digital solutions will help you in your work 24 hours a day.
Main Benefits
  • Keep business running to minimize lead time for on-site problem solving
  • Reduce costs and environmental impact for ABB experts’ urgent business trips
  • Speed up maintenance and empowered field operators with direct ABB expert support
  • Improve quality of repairs and extend asset life by right expertise

App Modules

Product Configuration

  • Connect to ABB AbilityTM Marketplace and download the software packages ready to be uploaded in the products according to their needed configuration

Product Installation

  • Accessorizing and getting insights from alerts leveraging on Augmented Reality
  • Real time product information by QR code reading

Product Commissioning

  • Settings configuration and reporting from products by BLE and NFC
  • Read diagnostic data from own smartphone

Product Assistance

  • Remote assistance functionalities for after-sales help with active reality
  • List of contacts of ABB experts from all the globe

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