Omron Flexible Feeding System

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Omron AnyFeeder Solution combines vision and robotics with our powerful ACE Sight software to deliver a complete system for flexible bulkpart feeding.

Faster Setup, Rapid Changeovers

From Design to Implementation to Product Changeovers

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Save Time & Money Across the Entire Process



  • ACE Sight software provides easy integration of AnyFeeder, vision and all Omron robots
  • Complete your feasibility in mere hours
  • Re-use all emulation elements for commissioning


  • Use pre-programmed Smart Commands to control the AnyFeeder unit
  • Automatic calibration between vision, robots and conveyors
  • Get up and running fast with wizard-based setup
  • Switch between emulation and production modes for easier troubleshooting
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  • Seamless, software-based product changeovers in minutes
  • Recipe Manager simplifies training and operations

A Complete Solution for Flexible Feeding

Rearrange, Recognize, Refine

Integrated, Smart Feeding Solution

A Single Solution to Manage a Vast Range of Products


Automatically flips/shakes parts to separate and position them


Integrated vision architecture allows for high-speed latching of robot positions and a reduction in cycle time for products requiring fast inspection and orientation after pick up.


The integrated vision refinement on the fly feature allows for visual verification of parts, increasing placement accuracy to within 17 microns.

Why Choose, AnyFeeder?

One AnyFeeder Can Replace Several Conventional Feeders on Your Line

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OMRON AnyFeeder

  • Fully integrated system with patented ACE Sight Software to combine Anyfeeder, vision and Omron robots.
  • Wide range of product applications
  • Able to manage large quantities
  • Facilitates frequent and easy product changeovers
  • Fast inspection and orientation of parts after pick up
  • Easy conversion for product changeover
  • Perfect for high mix low volume production

Conventional Feeder

  • Applicable for limited products
  • No integrated solutions system available
  • The quantity of parts loaded has to be controlled to avoid blockage
  • Potential damage to parts that may be thrown against each other and against the wall of the feeder
  • Skill and experience-dependent
  • More time spent on mechanical adjustment

Optimized to Work Together

Under a Single Point of Control


Robotics Expertise and Machine Automation Support

•  Planning  •  Implementation  •  Support


Interested to find out more about Omron AnyFeeder? Feel free to contact us!


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