Enhance the Knowledge and Skillsets of Energy Monitoring

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Enhance the Knowledge and Skillsets of Energy Monitoring

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert 

ITE College East

Collaboration with Schneider Electric helps to enhance the knowledge and skillsets of lecturers, students and external parties while providing better insight into the facility and machinery behaviour, hence helping to reduce energy consumption and improve predictive maintenance.

The Challenges

EcoStruxure™ System Energy Monitoring Analysis

Without any data, there is no early warning of equipment issues up to months before system-critical failure. This results in an overall maintenance cost increase and lowers the efficiency of the equipment.

The Solutions

EcoStruxure™ System Energy Monitoring Analysis

Schneider Electric solutions are combinations of products and services delivered via Software & Connectivity. These system solutions are formed from common technology components at the devices, edge and cloud levels.

Connected products: PowerLogic™ PowerTag, PowerLogic™ HeatTag and Acti9 PowerTag Link

A wireless energy sensor and heat sensor tracks the system and electrical loads.

Alerts are sent out whenever there is any irregularity with the operations

By viewing power data over time, lecturers can glean important insights into the efficiency and share on the looming maintenance concerns.

The Results

Early detection is possible via Schneider Electric’s Connected Products which closely monitors the slight changes in current consumption over time instead of waiting for a known fault level thereby enabling earlier detection of faults before they become critical.

Capturing this data and viewing it analytically not only helps with energy management but can also help to indicate efficiency concerns such as equipment issues – bearing wear, shaft misalignment and increased energy bills.

Two benefits of monitoring power are the ability to improve predictive maintenance programs and track power consumption.

These two factors are among the largest expenses of owning and operating pumps.

The Use of HeatTag

Early detection of overheating wire connections or overheating cables by analyzing airborne gas and particles and sending alerts before smoke appears or an electrical fire starts.

Benefits System

  • Ease of integration
  • Ease of setup / Seamless integration with EcoStruxure™ solutions
  • Alerts generated by a powerful algorithm integrated in HeatTag
  • Prevents fire damage and associated costs
  • Comprehensive, consistent and superior performance
  • Maximize uptime, eliminate faults, and enhance safety
fire smoke detector used in control panel
View HeatTag


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suitable for non forced ventilated cabinets ≥ IP31
  • Immediately detects overheating in cables and connections
  • More than a smoke detector or heat sensor
  • 3 levels of alert recording
  • Monitors air quality index
  • Continuous improvements of algorithms

The Use of PowerTag

PowerTag Energy is an energy sensor that monitors and accurately measures current, voltage, power, power factor, energy, and wirelessly communicate these data via a gateway. Use energy more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from main incomer down to load level.

Monitor it, secure it, tag it

Tag your electrical protection devices up to 2000 A with PowerTag Energy, pair it with the gateway to receive:

– Accurate real-time measurements and energy values

– Pre-alarm notification in the event of overcurrent

– Real-time alarm and email notification for voltage loss, overload trip

PowerTag Energy contributes to your energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction targets. It supports Energy Efficiency programmes (EED, EPBD) and standards (IEC 60364-8-1, EN 17267, ISO 50001).

Energy sensor that can communicate wirelessly via a gateway
View PowerTag


  • Small and cost effective

  • Wireless communication

  • Accurate

  • Easy installation and commissioning

The Use of PowerTag Link

PowerTag Link is an Ethernet-connected concentrator (Modbus TCP/IP) for wireless devices on EcoStruxure platforms.

When integrated with PowerTag Energy sensors, it can manage alarms via email for terminal loads and accurately measure energy, power, current and voltage in real time.

Concentrating data from wireless devices permits load monitoring, alarm management (including pre-alarms on predefined thresholds).

Data and alarms can be displayed thanks to embedded web pages or a wireless display.

The wireless display is a cost effective HMI to let local operator access to the data and critical alarms from maximum 20 wireless devices.


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Enhance the Knowledge and Skillsets of Energy Monitoring

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