LKH Precicon to Go All-Out at the Singapore Expo This Year

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Biggest industrial automation event in Singapore

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) – a  HANNOVER MESSE event returns for the 5th edition in a hybrid format this year that integrates physical and digital spaces to maximise regional outreach and catalyze engagement. This year, LKH Precicon will be going all out at the Singapore Expo Hall 2 & 3 from 18 – 20 October 2022 to showcase solutions related to three key dimensions which influence the magnitude of sustainable business development for advanced manufacturing and its related sectors locally, and regionally.


Adoption of innovative I4.0 tools, data analytics, and technologies to integrate systems, data and people for seamless process flow, greater productivity with lower transaction cost, and operational excellence.

Digitalize your workflow in manufacturing plant
Talent in Singapore workforce


Adoption of a new I4.0 paradigm of collaboration between people and robotic systems while preparing the future workforce with the right skillsets and talent for business transformation.


Adoption of appropriate measures and I4.0 migration to reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions to maintain sustainability throughout the value chain.

Reduce carbon footprint in singapore

We will be intending to showcase some of our expertise in Industry 4.0 data- and technology-intensive transformation for manufacturing and other related industries to achieve business sustainability. These transformations are set in business and technical environments that link data, people, machines, processes, services, and IIoT-connected devices.

Our expertise includes:

  • Interconnection — Communication and connection via the Internet of Things (IoT): Devices, machines, sensors, and humans.
  • Information transparency — Solutions that streamline vast amounts of information to help manufacturers make more accurate and timely business decisions to achieve operational excellence.
  • Inter-connectivity — Giving operators the ability to connect devices, machines, IT networks, and people to progress towards sustainable smart manufacturing. These connections enable the collection and transfer of an immense amount of data from all points in the expanded Industry 4.0 manufacturing process.
  • Technical assistance — Empower humans by visualization and gathering information taken throughout the manufacturing process. Manufacturers and partners throughout the value chain can use this information to make informed decisions and solve urgent problems, even at short notice.

With more than 35% C-levels, decision-makers, and higher managerial levels from over 70 countries & regions, join us as we evolve with the industry shaped by the leaders and experts in support of their transformative initiatives; a journey that is necessary and made possible by the process of digitalisation by Industry 4.0. We help companies in Asia-Pacific STARTSCALE and SUSTAIN their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions by bringing together the ecosystem of players and stakeholders across the value chain to stay prepared for disruptions in global supply chains brought about by world events.

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All Happening at Singapore Expo HALL 2, BOOTH 2A25