EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

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Power Monitoring Expert provides engery monitoring insights into electrical system health and energy efficiency on the cloud. This helps you make informed decisions to enhance performance.

Discover EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 

Award-winning EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 

A reliable power supply is crucial for your operations, with disruptions affecting productivity and safety, as well as costing money.

EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is an acclaimed solution for power-critical facilities, enhancing uptime and efficiency through IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence.

PME simplifies operations, improves safety, and saves costs amidst evolving power grid technology and complex systems.

Gain Valuable Insight into your Power Network 

Open and scalable architecture connects to smart devices in the electrical system like meters, relays, breakers, and more. It also seamlessly integrates with process control systems and enterprise platforms.

Convert data to action utilizes a customizable web interface for real-time power and equipment monitoring. PME helps track KPIs, share metrics, and perform power quality analysis for reliable network operation and reduced outages.

Unlock your power system’s full potential by using intelligent alarm management, which groups events and alarms for seamless filtering, searching, and categorization. Utilize graphical timeline analysis tools to assess event and alarm sequences, locations, and potential impacts.

Use the most advanced energy visualization and analysis tools to calculate, model, forecast and track your main energy performance indicators (EnPIs).

Power Monitoring Expert provides insights into electrical system health and energy efficiency. This helps you make informed decisions to enhance performance.

Perfect for your Business

Power is vital in production, impacting profitability. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert reduces risk, enhances productivity, and enables energy efficiency analysis. It also aids in proactive maintenance and power quality monitoring, safeguarding equipment.

Data centers face critical challenges like power network reliability, efficiency, and compliance, especially for 24/7 operations. Unplanned outages result in significant losses and reputation damage.

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert offers full visibility into power systems, ensuring quick and safe power restoration during crises and enhancing data center performance without compromising availability or reliability, ensuring business continuity in any situation.

Hospitals face growing demands amid budget constraints and evolving regulations and technology.

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, suited for clinical care’s continuous power needs, monitors real-time power conditions, enhancing efficiency and reliability. It also mitigates power quality problems, cutting energy expenses. Embrace a dedicated power infrastructure for future readiness and patient safety.

Enhancing building performance, whether financially or in terms of energy efficiency, is a key focus. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert lowers maintenance expenses, reduces energy use, prolongs equipment life, and enhances occupant comfort and productivity.

It can also forecast future energy usage based on external factors like temperature and occupancy. By establishing energy efficiency benchmarks, you can make well-informed decisions to boost your building’s energy efficiency.

Complex critical infrastructure networks, such as air, rail, and water transportation, require safe, reliable, and efficient operation while adhering to regulations. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert software is designed for easy integration into existing systems, offering openness and scalability.

It enables real-time and historical data tracking, proactive maintenance scheduling, and continuous monitoring of facilities, assets, and power networks for maximum uptime and efficiency.

Meet any Challenge 

Keep People and Assets Safer

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert prioritizes electrical safety by monitoring breaker protection settings, arc-flash risks, abnormal conditions, and circuit insulation faults.

Optimize Business Reliability and Continuity 

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert ensures uninterrupted power for critical systems amid the rise in sensitive electronic devices. Key features include:

  • Utilizing advanced power forensics for understanding electrical system events.
  • Identifying power event patterns to prevent future disruptions.
  • Monitoring protection settings to isolate faults and prevent widespread outages.
  • Analyzing breaker contact aging for proactive maintenance.
  • Tracking system capacity to avoid overloads and ensure backup power readiness during outages.

Maximize Operational Lifecycle Efficiency

To enhance facility operations, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert aids in identifying underperforming electrical assets, process bottlenecks, and areas of high performance. It offers multiple features:

  1. Energy Benchmarking: Uncover improvement opportunities and validate savings with baseline comparisons.
  2. Trending and Energy Modeling: Detect unusual energy and utilities (WAGES) consumption patterns.
  3. Power Factor and Peak Demand Management: Prevent penalties by addressing these factors.
  4. Shadow Billing: Identify utility bill errors.
  5. Demand Response Management: Participate in demand response programs by monitoring consumption and load management.
  6. Cost Allocation: Assign costs to departments or processes, promoting accountability.
  7. Equipment Performance Analysis: Support proactive maintenance and extend equipment lifespan through performance analysis.
  8. Capacity Optimization: Reveal unused system capacity to prevent unnecessary upgrades or overbuilding.

Simplify Reporting and Compliance 

Power Monitoring Expert can help businesses manage vast compliance data, aligning with energy efficiency standards (e.g., ISO 50001/2, SEP, LEED, NABERS), tracking energy performance indicators, verifying utility/grid service and internal compliance, ensuring healthcare facility regulations, and complying with common IT practices. This tool aggregates data, generates reports, and identifies KPIs, addressing evolving standards.

Go Further with EcoStruxure 

Digital Services 

Enhance system uptime and cut maintenance expenses with real-time infrastructure performance data. Obtain actionable predictive maintenance insights to ensure customer satisfaction, protect your reputation, and minimize financial losses. Additionally, optimize energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, mitigate downtime due to network problems or equipment failures, and enhance both predictive and reactive maintenance procedures.

Field Services 

Our Field Services team minimizes downtime, adheres to safety standards, and boosts ROI. Leveraging our extensive asset management experience:

  • Enhance asset reliability for seamless operations and business continuity.
  • Maximize operational efficiency to prolong equipment life and achieve peak performance.
  • Establish a trusted partnership, relying on our on-site and remote experts for assessment and support.

A Network of Certified Innovators 

We prioritize trusted partnerships, which hold significance for both us and our customers. EcoXperts, certified by Schneider Electric, offer innovative, sustainable solutions, utilizing integrated technology and digitization. Our EcoXpert partners deliver top-notch services and digital solutions that consistently surpass expectations.

EcoStruxure Innovation at every level

EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled platform, connects Power and Building Management with digital services and devices, enhancing productivity and resilience.


Helps ensure safe delivery and operation
of clean, reliable power systems


Helps ensure safe delivery and operation
of clean, reliable power systems


Enhance electrical asset management
and avoid electrical downtime.


Helps ensure resilience to cyber threats
that impact business operations.

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